I’m a maker obsessed by data visualizations. These two combinations inspire me to explore the physical world of making with data as my sculpting tool.

I have been passionate about data visualization my whole life and started my first company while attending university to make it easier to analyze and visualize your data. Throughout the years I have built thousands of data visualizations to help people understand and explore their data. This experience thought me that data visualizations possess great power, be it good or evil.

Most of the data visualizations we experience are located in the 2D world. Some of them are printed on paper while others are digital and, in some cases, even interactive. While all of these data visualizations can tell greate stories I always wondered…

Wouldn’t it be great if these stories would be part of your everyday life? To inspire, remind or assist you.

And that’s what KreativGeek is all about. I explore the cross section of making and data visualization. It’s not always easy and it can result in exotic objects but I welcome you to join me!